A0-1709 Poker styling hair tie

Poker styling hair tie *Concise and modern poker shape, with a pony tail is the focus of attention *Acrylic material is bright and durable, often bright and beautiful

A8-1709-07 Crown styling hair clip

Crown styling hair clip *Elegant acrylic modeling for charming temperament *Easy to complete refreshing fluffy ponytail or bun *A variety of changes in effect, as a princess, how can only one crown!    

A8-1709-06Elegant Crown claw clip

Elegant Crown claw clip *Japanese-style elegant and refreshing colors, showing beautiful temperament *Acrylic crown hollow carving, brilliant chic *claw clip suitable for all kinds of style, amazing charm not to be missed!    

Y99-023Butterfly shaped pony bunch

Butterfly shaped pony bunch *Special elastic material, can be easily fixed on the ponytail *Inner comb-slip design, does not slide firmly fixed to strengthen *Lightweight and no burden