Yihyuh Hair accessories company

Is from Taiwan’s professional hair ornaments factory direct, with more than three decades of rich professional hair accessories manufacturing background, specializing in acrylic / plastic / diamonds hair accessories.

Yi Yue more than the wholesale factory in more than 10,000 kinds of goods, and hundreds of patent hair accessories,
Also made bracelets, rings, earrings and so on jewelry, due to too many types can not be published one by one,
If you want to find some of the site does not have the body, welcome EMAIL pictures to ask!

Yi Yue more of the company’s website all the products 100% Taiwan manufacturing, both popular and texture apart,
From mold to raw materials, handmade, full strict quality control, to ensure that products lead-free nickel-free non-toxic, high quality.
The factory is mainly exported to Europe and the United States and Japan market, but also hope that the quality of goods, recommended to the domestic wholesalers.

Want to love good quality and want to pick up cheap you do not miss it!

The company has five major characteristics of goods

1. Style orientation: [international boutique] route and the general sale of hair ornaments to [cheap rough] slightly different.
2. All products are made in Taiwan, not the general printing of the road is unknown, a large number of mass production of secondary products.
3. All products adhere to lead-free nickel-free non-toxic, for your health checks, buy peace of mind, wearing beautiful.
4. More than half of the goods are unique patent design, unique in the functionality, competing with the industry imitation.
5. To provide customized services, if you have a unique product design, production, you are welcome to contact us, we will try to achieve your goal.

And other materials production services, if you have any cooperation proposals, but also welcome your letter to discuss with us, and jointly create the majority of the market and foreign trade alliance, thank you ~